Book Clubs, or Book Groups?

November 20, 2013

I have had the immense pleasure of meeting many book clubs. Or is it book groups? Gangs, maybe?

Either way, it’s been an amazing experience to see how different readers, of different ages, living in different areas of the country, are getting the same meaning and emotion from the book. I am learning things far beyond the typical review. Lots of love for Janelle, a character no professional review has mentioned. Lots of discussion about Caleb’s hallucination on the mountain. And of who sacrifices more, Shane or Caleb?

As the book is no longer on the New Fiction tables, it counts on the love and support of book clubs, to spread the word, to friends, relatives, and book store managers. It is beyond gratifying to see that happening, to receive emails from readers.

Please do know that I am happy to join any club, group, clutch, coterie, gathering, crew, clique, or party–on Skype, a call, or in person. The Contact page can set that all up.

And thank you for your support of Caleb, Shane, June and Lily.