Who would you run 100 miles for?

Caleb Oberest is an ultramarathon runner, who severed all ties to his family to live with a cult-like running group and race brutal 100-mile marathons across mountains. Shane Oberest is a sales rep for a cutting-edge biotechnology firm, creating new cures for the diseases of our time. Shane has spent his life longing to connect with his older brother, but the distance between them has always been too vast.

When a baby develops a fatal genetic illness, Caleb and Shane reconnect. Shane devises a plan that could save the baby’s life and bring his lost brother home. But to succeed, both brothers will need to begin a dangerous race that will push them past all of their boundaries, and take all of Caleb’s legendry endurance to survive.

Derek Sherman’s authentic, compelling story of ultramarathons, biotechnology, and family takes us deep into new worlds and examines our culture of extremes, and how far we will go for the people we love.

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