Here are some discussion questions for readers and book groups.

Please feel free to use the Contact page to ask me any other questions or set up a Skype meeting with your book club.

1. Characters in RACE ACROSS THE SKY push themselves beyond anything expected. Their behavior can be seen as heroic or insane. Which do you think it is?

2. Caleb tells Shane that start-up employees, lawyers, chefs, and other entrepreneurs work 90+ hour weeks, and people think they’re driven, not brainwashed or in a cult. Do you know people who do this, in any area of life? Are they very driven people in a positive way, or does their focus on their vision isolate them from their families to an unhealthy point?

3. Is there someone in your life that you would risk everything for?

4. The book draws parallels between biotechnology and ultramarathons. What are they?

5. The search for new ways to fight cancer and other disease goes on every day. What happens when new cures cost more than insurance companies can afford to cover? Would you expect your insurance to pay for them if you needed them? Would you be willing to pay more into your plan to cover them? Is it okay to produce medicines if they can only be afforded by the wealthiest of us?

6. What other fringe worlds do you see moving towards the mainstream? What past fringe worlds that we thought were extreme now exist in our mainstream?

7. Our culture has a fascination with extremes. In our athletes, politics, even hobbies. Why do you think this is? What affect does it have on our lives?

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